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this might involve a few short questions.

We all like hearing the truth. Revealing it helps facilitate change in people and through their engagement prompts organisations to seek alternative ways to doing things.

  • What are you doing to facilitate change in your organisation?
  • How will you get at the truth, are you ready to face the bare facts?

The answer to these questions can only be found by looking inward and asking the difficult questions of yourself and others around you. Happily, at TalkBack we go a long way to providing the answers by asking the right engaging questions one to one. When you ask us to create or become involved with your change programme, you can be confident you are dealing with experienced interviewers, using state of the art micro audio recording equipment by arrangement if the occasion demands it. After you talk to TalkBack people in your workplace will start talking to you. Been there, done that.

  • Have you the necessary skillset available in your company to listen accurately to what your employees have to say?


Good Communication starts with a Conversation

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...Since we began our strategic partnership with TalkBack, Employee Engagement has improved beyond expectations and participation levels in our annual opinion survey have increased every year...
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